All aboard

As part of any project or consultancy work with Prodo, our housing clients have the opportunity to come aboard the Digi-Bus for a journey of digital discovery.

Have venue, will travel

We know it’s not easy engaging customers, or encouraging them to come to a central or corporate venue, particularly if you work across a wide geographical area. With our mobile Digi-Bus we can bring a friendly, informal venue direct to them, in their communities.

Our refurbished mobile library has been kitted out with internet access, eye-tracking equipment and collaborative areas to offer you and your customers a mobile IT suite, learning and consultation space. It’s wheelchair accessible too.

Digital discovery - on wheels!

How you use the Digi-Bus is entirely up to you. It could be to:

  • Demonstrate and promote your new website and online services to customers
  • Consult with tenants and staff about what they want from your web site or wider services
  • Conduct eye-tracking studies and other user testing to see how your customers are using your site, to help you make improvements
  • Train staff on new digital platforms or content management systems
  • Support your broader digital inclusion objectives, such as helping customers with basic computer literacy, access products and services online, or apply for benefits or re-housing

We’re really flexible too. You can hire the bus for an afternoon; a couple of days; a week. And the Prodo team can run and support sessions with you, or we can get everything set up and leave you or your partners to run events.

Fares, please!

If you think our Digi-Bus could be just the thing to get your digital project out of the bus stop, and into the fast lane (sorry!) then get in touch.