The bridge to your website

While predominantly used as a pure marketing tool, there's a world off opportunity for housing associations to harness the power of ‘content’ to support their wider communications and customer engagement objectives.

Content is the bridge between your website and search and social marketing. If it’s relevant and engaging it can make a significant difference to search rankings and website traffic, not to mention your positioning and reputation among your customers and stakeholders.

Supporting your objectives

The content can take many different forms, such as video, infographics, polls and quizzes or PDF guides. We can use content you already have, or create new content on your behalf, and build a content calendar that will support your communications and marketing objectives.

Long term value

Of course, we will use these content assets for link building, but they also have a wider value. They will be shared by your audience through social media and lead to increased brand awareness and reputation, as well as rankings and traffic back to your website. They can also work for an extended period of time, providing long term value for money.