• How Digital Channel Shift Can Help Your Business

    Communication and service delivery in the public sector is increasingly digitised. The rise of all things digital brings immense benefits to customers and businesses, because it offers convenience and improved personalised services. Implementing digital technologies gives businesses the opportunity to redesign service delivery, reduce costs and increase staff productivity.

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  • Channel Choice vs. Channel Shift in the Public Sector

    In March 2017, the UK government published a policy paper outlining its digital strategy “to develop a world-leading digital economy that works for everyone.” In the future, where possible and necessary, private and public sector organisations will be digital by default.

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How to Market to Millennials w/Joe and Rob  - Facebook Live (Video)



Last Thursday we kicked off our Facebook Live mini-series talking about millennials, their buying power, and how to market to them in the fast-changing digital.

We also discussed millennials in the context of housing, where our Digital Strategist Joe and Account Director Rob dropped numerous pearls of wisdom.

Influencers, product placement, SEO, email campaigns  - what works? What doesn't?

With £1.2 trillion buying power, millennials could be a vital demographic to the prosperity of the housing sector. And with changes in millennial consumption behaviour as a result of the new budget, housing associations will have a big part to play in making millennials aware of all the possibilities open to them.

Our digi duo talks us through the digital landscape and discusses how companies, such as housing associations, can do better to market to millennials.


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